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PRP for hair restoration can be beneficial if you have been experiencing hair loss. PRP treatments reduce the rate of hair loss by promoting the health of shrinking hair follicles. PRP could even stimulate the growth of new hair in some patients.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) stimulates hair growth naturally using your own platelets. A needle is used to draw blood spun in a centrifuge for several minutes. During the spinning process, blood plasma bonds with other reparative substances. The hair follicles are stimulated with microneedling by injecting PRP solution into the scalp. PRP is considered one of the top natural solutions for promoting healthy hair growth.

Hair restoration can be accomplished in several ways with PRP treatments. In general, hair loss is treated by injecting the solution directly into the scalp. The injection may be combined with a microneedling procedure using topical PRP based on the amount and extent of hair loss.

Dermal fillers are typically used for:

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PRP hair restoration is the most effective treatment for treating hair loss and is virtually painless. As a result of the treatments, your hair will appear fuller, thicker, and healthier.
The PRP treatment is a minimally invasive, non-surgical treatment for men and women concerned about hair thinning or loss. It requires minimal downtime due to its minimally invasive nature.
It is typically recommended to undergo three treatments, spaced approximately 12-16 weeks apart.
Your hair may take up to two months to grow and be more noticeable. Individual results may vary.
Although the results last for a long time, it may be necessary to schedule a follow-up appointment at Renu Aesthetics to maintain them.
The downtime associated with PRP injections for hair restoration is typically minimal. Bruising, swelling, and soreness are possible side effects.

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