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Our luxurious Spray Tan process is unlike any in the industry. We use a mixture of over 19 solutions to create the absolute perfect tone, and perfect solution to meet your skins individual needs.  The first step is to prep your skin using our signature Artistry PH Balancing Spray.  Once prepped your certified technician will give you the perfect spray tan. To complete the appointment we will dry your body, and apply our Signature Artistry setting powder. We look forward to giving you the best spray tan of your life every visit! 

Pick your shade

Our certified spray tan artist will customize the color to your skin tone, leaving you with the most natural look possible. The customization will also let you choose the level of darkest you wish to achieve. Our solution is made to ensure a long lasting tan that is never orange or streaky. We offer Studio & Mobile appointments

All-natural solution

All of our sunless solutions are certified organic and all-natural products. They each have their own form of anti-aging ingredients and are packed with antioxidant vitamins that are proven to be very beneficial to your skin.

Before & after your tan

Always keep your skin moisturized before and after your tanning session with Brushed Artistry. Any waxing should be done 48 hours beforehand, & any shaving 24 hours before. Exfoliate 24 hours prior to your session to ensure an even canvas. Avoid products containing alcohol or mineral oil in them. Please ask your spray tan artist for more before and aftercare details.


Liquid Face Lift is a procedure that incorporates neuromodulators and fillers to give your cheeks a natural lift, as well as to soften the wrinkles and creases around your mouth.

Compared to a regular surgical facelift, a Liquid Face Lift is usually more affordable, gives your cheeks a better lift, and has fewer complications. A Surgical face Lift does not consider the 1-2 week recovery time that keeps you from doing your normal activities. With a hectic schedule, you may not have the time to recover from surgery. Liquid Face Lift is an ideal solution for people who want an anti-aging or facial lifting procedure but do not want to undergo the procedure’s risks, recovery time, and cost.

Anyone who has lost collagen and elastin, usually after 40. Call us today if you notice a downward turn in your cheeks or midface and want to improve that sagging, tired appearance! We will conduct a free facial analysis to determine the level of lift appropriate for you!
You can see the results right away! Your 30-minute office visit will leave you with an instant natural and refreshed look!
The effects of a Liquid Face Lift should last roughly about eight months.
There will be no downtime with this procedure! During this lunchtime procedure, you will be able to return to work immediately.

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